Organic Candy Floss "Canadian Maple"

Pure Fun

For this review I've decided to play a little game. I’m calling this game "Huh? Yay!"


Organic candy floss, what's the deal with that? In my mind, nothing in the world could deserve an "organic" label less than candy floss. Of course, this is coming from a guy who knows almost nothing about "natural" things, so I wouldn't rely on my knowledge in this field or anything. The thing is, I can't figure out how candy floss can be organic, it’s always represented the cheapest and least pure candy. It’s not that I don’t like candy floss, I just never think about it as being any kind of healthy or pure. Having said that this bucked of candy floss says it's natural, and it's using a classic good-for-you buzzword: "organic", but it's a treat that to me could not be more unnatural, ever.


Although I'm skeptical about how this treat could be organic, it does taste awesome. Not only that, but it comes in awesome flavours; this particular bucket of candy floss is Canadian Maple. I couldn't be prouder to be Canadian than when I take down a mouthful of this treat. This is why we drill holes in trees my friend, to spin tree water into fun candy floss for all to enjoy. I wish more companies would take the initiative once in a while when making classic treats and give it their own spin.

While I can’t say I know anything about organic candy, and what makes it organic, I can tell you what I like to eat, and I like eating this Canadian Maple candy floss. I really love that the folks at Pure Fun have stepped out of the box and created a flavour that’s really unique, yet it seems like an obvious choice. The candy floss is good times my friends, good times.