Yawa Mochi Ice


Since I can't really read the package for this ice cream treat, my expectations of what to expect are limited to what I could see on the package. What I see on this package is some kind of edible ice cream bowl, filled with a plethora of Asian themed ice cream fillings. It looks like vanilla ice cream with red bean sauce, topped with some kind of fruit, maybe mangosteens? Amazingly enough, this is pretty close to what you get, and I liked it a lot.

The two heroes of this ice cream treat are the ice cream and red bean sauce. The ice cream is amazing, particularly for a frozen treat bought at a grocery store. It's super smooth and very creamy. The red bean sauce is sweet and adds just a subtle flavour to the whole treat. The ball like things on the top, which might be some kind of fruit, add very little to the treat, if they're supposed to be fruity they needed more flavour. The shell of this treat was probably the biggest disappointment of all because it was soft. It could have been soft because of the time it spent in the freezer at the store, but that's really no excuse. I think they may have made this bowl too delicate, and it can't take a prolonged time sitting in a freezer. I'm sure it would have worked better fresh from the manufacturer, but that's not something you can expect from a store bought ice cream treat.

In general, I would describe this treat as being chewy. For some parts of the treat it worked well, particularly since the theme was mochi (a chewy pounded rice treat from Japan). For the shell it was kind of disappointing, and this is a place where some contrast would have been nice. The little round balls were a mystery and didn't really add anything to the treat, unless they added some of the chewiness. Flavour wise the balls were a blank. Fortunately, the creamy flavour of the ice cream and sweet flavour of the red beans made this treat a real success.