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Pycckuu Wokanan


Taste: 1

Texture: 1

Novelty: 1

All scores out of 5

Oh random Russian chocolate bar, what kind of surprise do you have in store for me? Will you be tasty, or will you make the rest of my day a little sadder? I see Russian architecture on your package, and a cup of coffee too. It's too bad I don't really like coffee, but you could be the exception little Russian bar. Oh, if only I know what that wrapper said, if only I had a clue, sure I wouldn't have as much excitement on the first bite, but I also wouldn’t have a little fear too.

When I first bite into this fun little snack, the only thing going through my mind is plastic bubbles. I say plastic bubbles because nothing seems to be melting in my mouth at all. It's more like a crumbling texture. This is not too uncommon for treats with fancy packages. These fancy packaged treats always look high quality but then often you find more money is invested in packaging over decent chocolate.

The coffee flavour doesn't bother me that much however, probably because the cheap chocolate is a good distraction. Nope wait, the after taste of coffee isn't great, it's bitter with no real coffee flavour, just the bitterness. It's almost acidic, that makes me nervous.