QBZ "Warheads"

Impact Confections

I have no idea what "QBZ" means, or why this treat has this name, but it is making me both excited and nervous about trying it. This random name is a new gimmick that I've never seen before in in the candy business. It uses an interesting psychological tactic to make it even more mysterious than any other treat. I've seen the same idea used in old spy movies before, but never in the candy world. In spy movies it’s a tactic where they would give some secret weapon a completely random and indecipherable jumble of letters (and sometimes numbers) as a name. This gives the random spy weapon a certain amount of mystery because there’s no way you’ll know what it does based on its random name.

I’m not sure if the shape of these gummies adds to, or detracts from the mystery. They're just squares, of all the shapes that gummies can be why just simple squares? I think I get it, the idea of simplicity to fool me. This is either the worst candy idea ever or one of the most impressive deceptions in candy history. My mouth is watering, but I’m also a little scared.

One bite into them and I'm slightly disappointed. They're not insanely sour that I feel the need to spit it out, something common from the Warheads brand. With all of that hype, and the fact that they’re a Warheads candy, I was expecting more. They taste ok as far as gummies go, but they didn’t live up to the hype I built up in my head. The flavour and sourness weren’t so spectacular that it justifies their simple cube like appearance and strange name, or maybe it did.

I don't know, maybe I psyched myself up too much, maybe I was expecting something huge and while they didn’t blow me away, they’re not that bad. I guess with all the peculiarities I was just hoping for something different, and I really didn't get it.

Update: The QBZ is supposed to sound out the word “cubes”. This works for Americans, but for those of us that pronounce the letter “z” as zed, it’s a little confusing.