Quality Street "Chocolate Caramel Brownie"


This is a fine chocolate. It's by no means the best chocolate I've ever eaten, in fact, I would rank it right in the middle of fine quality chocolates that I've eaten. The problem I have right now is that I have to write a review for a chocolate that didn't impress me or disappoint me. I don't want to sound too negative, as I was happy enough to eat this chocolate, but other than for a brief second, I was kind of bored eating this chocolate. I know this makes me sound like the biggest chocolate/candy snob in the world, but I just think there are better chocolates one can buy, but there are also much worse.

There was however that brief moment that really made me think that maybe there was something special about this chocolate. It happens just as the chocolate/caramel center touches your tongue. The caramel is a nice gooey caramel that spills out quite nicely on your first bite. When this gooey caramel makes contact with your taste buds you're hit with a really nice cocoa flavour. It's both caramel and cocoa together, and it feels like it's going to build up into a wonderful olfactory party in your mouth. Unfortunately, this burst seems to dissipate without a second or two. It feels like something really special is going to happen, a perfect blend of caramel and chocolate are going to fill your head with an amazing flavour, but it just seems to fade away as fast as it comes in.

Don't get me wrong, this tease of a flavour burst is nice, but it's way too short and doesn't get as intense as I had hopped it would. It felt like there was a really great plan with this chocolate, but somewhere along the line someone cut corners and tampered down what could have been a fantastic experience. Every other aspect of this chocolate was good enough, but not spectacular. I guess what disappoints me most is that it really could have been spectacular.

I also think that the name is a little misleading. It was chocolate like, but I'm not sure I got anything that tasted like a brownie.