Quality Street "Caramel Swirl"


These are a nice, pleasant little treat. There’s nothing revolutionary about these little round chocolates, but they’re a fine little bite. The name is a little weird if you think about it. Not that a swirl or caramel are anything that strange, the weirdness is in the fact that there really isn’t anything swirling in this chocolate at all. Maybe the very light design on the top of this chocolate is a swirl, but the caramel itself is not swirled with anything at all. I’m not sure how one would swirl caramel, unless you added another ingredient. I guess you could have a stronger swirl design for the chocolates, and you might be able to get away with calling it a swirl. As it stands, these are more like caramel globs, or maybe to be a little more sophisticated, caramel rounds.

While they don’t really swirl, they do offer up a nice balance of chocolate and caramel. Neither flavour overpowers the other, yet you can distinctly taste both. While they are two very common ingredients in the candy world to merge together, it’s still a nice surprise to get them combined in a balanced and thoughtful way. Maybe I should be glad that they didn’t swirl anything into this mix, it could have ruined the balance of these two ingredients. My only complaint about the ingredients is the quality. Ironic since this is a candy called “Quality Street”. While the chocolate and caramel are fine, they’re nothing spectacular. It’s about the quality of chocolate you would find in your average to slightly above average chocolate bar.

These little rounds of chocolate and caramel are both average and slightly above average. I would certainly recommend giving them a try, but I wouldn’t go to too much trouble trying to get them. Fortunately, Quality Street is a fairly common treat, available in many places all over the world, so there’s a good chance getting them wouldn’t be too much of a challenge.