Quality Street "Chocolate Toffee Finger"


There's something very unique about this Quality Street “finger”, and it's the shape. As far as most fine chocolates go, it's very rare to get one in this particular shape. I also think that this shape makes it a more interesting and maybe even tastier treat. The first feature is that this long finger makes you take this chocolate a little slower. It's almost impossible (at the very least somewhat uncomfortable) to eat this chocolate in one bite. I took two, and I'm a big fan of shoving as much candy in my mouth at once. This long shape also plays around with the ratio of ingredients, I feel like there's a bit more chocolate in this than your average fine quality chocolate, and I feel like it's because of the shape.

I also really like the texture of the toffee. There's something about it that makes it very difficult to eat, but in a good way. It's not goopy, but instead gives your jaw a little work to get through it. The interesting thing is because of the shape of this chocolate, it's not overwhelmingly difficult to eat. There was some great thought put into the design of this long fine chocolate, unfortunately there's one flaw that really drags this treat down a few points for me, and it's all about the flavour.

If I was to describe the flavour of this chocolate in one word, I would use the word “bland”. It's not disgusting by any means, in fact I think the flavours are pretty good, I just think there's far too little flavour for this kind of treat. Both the chocolate and the toffee seemed very weak from a flavour perspective. I just kept wanting a flavour explosion in my mouth, but I never got it. I guess it's good that both flavours were equally bland, but I think this would be amazing if both the flavours were equally powerful. I kept hoping, on each chew of the toffee, that something would just boost up the flavour, but it never happened.

These are a classic chocolate treat (particularly for British and Canadian folks (maybe other places too?)), but I feel like maybe it could actually be a better chocolate.