Quality Street "Milk Chocolate Block"


Of all the Quality Street chocolates, this one has the most inelegant name, “Chocolate Block”. I might also argue that this inelegant name suits this chocolate. There’s nothing particularly interesting or special about this block of chocolate, it’s square and it’s milk chocolate. As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t know all of the various Quality Street varieties off by heart, so when I bit into this chocolate I was kind of shocked. I was shocked at how uninteresting this chocolate was. On my second bite I even tried to savour it a little bit, just in case I was missing something.

The thing is, just because it’s only milk chocolate, doesn’t mean it has to be dull. I’ve tasted some pretty good milk chocolates in my day.  I’ve bitten into plain milk chocolate and been surprised at how good it’s tasted, how it’s filled my entire head with chocolate. These chocolate blocks unfortunately are just not that great, and it’s a shame. I understand the need to offer a simple variety when you make a box of various chocolates, but I feel like they just gave up on trying to make it good. Simple doesn’t have to mean boring, but that’s exactly what I got with this Chocolate Block, boring.

This was by no means a bad block of chocolate, but it wasn’t anything special either. I can see people getting to this chocolate after having experienced the wide and fun varieties of other Quality Street chocolates and just saying “oh... so it’s just chocolate.” It’s kind of sad since milk chocolate doesn’t have to be “just chocolate” if you make it well.