Quality Street "Strawberry Delight"


Kind of meh. I'm not sure what I can say about this Quality Street chocolate other than it didn't impress me that much. I wouldn't say that this chocolate disappoints, it's fine, I guess. The chocolate is okay, the filling is creamy enough, and the fruit flavour is fruity. I just felt like it didn't offer me anything special. I guess not all candy has to be special, but I really do enjoy biting into a treat and making a discovery, or getting surprised at how good it is... Anything really. I bit into this chocolate and my mood and sense of well being was not changed at all. I felt like I've eaten many candies of this caliber, I just wasn't taken aback at all.

The one kind of weird thing about this candy is the flavour it claims to be. According to my research this is a strawberry cream chocolate. I guess I saw the red wrapper and tasted a fruity filling and my mind immediately went to cherry instead of strawberry. It wasn't the most authentic of flavours, so I feel like you could imagine any red berry like fruit and likely it'll taste like it. It's another reason why this chocolate treat feels uninteresting. It doesn't have a bold obvious fruit flavour; it just tastes like generic red cream filling.

I would never tell you not to eat this chocolate. It's a fine enough chocolate. If I was ever gifted a box of Quality Street chocolates, I would not ignore these Strawberry Delights or throw them out. If I was offered to choose from a bowl of Quality Street chocolates, I'd likely pass over these. They're not bad, I just can't say they impressed me more than any other generic fruit cream chocolate. I feel like they could be improved so many ways, like adding some really strawberry.