Quality Street "Toffee Penny"


Of all the Quality Street’s I’ve tried; this is probably the most unique. It’s not unique because it’s something completely different from any candy I’ve ever eaten before. I’ve had many a beige toffee to chew on in my day. These are just unique compared to all the other Quality Street chocolates, in a way I just described. These are not chocolates, there is no chocolate to be found on this treat at all, yet it lives in a tin with exclusively chocolates. In the world of Quality Street, these are the outlier. In my experience, being an outlier can put you in one of two places, you’re either better or worse than the rest. While I don’t mind the Quality Street chocolates, I do find them to be a little boring. For the most part they’re just chocolates, and they’re (most of them at least) just filled with things one might find in a fine chocolate. Fruity creams, various nuts, caramels, even a toffee. Quality Street have tradition on their side, but innovation is not something they do, which is probably best as everyone has expectations when it comes to this brand.

So back to this Toffee Penny, it’s different because it doesn’t have any chocolate. This is just a round, very sticky glob of toffee. There are no additional flavours, it’s simple, but it’s good. It’s a nice quality toffee that not only has a nice creamy flavour, but it’s got a really great texture. It takes a while to get through one of these, so you might want to avoid eating these with company. The thing is, the flavour sticks around, and while it’s nothing revolutionary, it’s very good. This is unlike any of the other Quality Street chocolates(?), each one of those disappear in your mouth almost instantly, and they’re all covered in chocolate.

I guess what I’m saying is, if you’ve got an entire tin of Quality Street chocolates that you’ve been sampling over the last little while, you might get a little bored of the chocolates. You might want something different, but still simple. This is where the Toffee Penny fits in. It works like a palette cleanser between other Quality Street chocolates. The flavour is long lasting, and it gives you a break from the other Quality Street treats. If you compare the Toffee Penny to all the other candies of the world, it’s fine, nothing special, but fun enough. If you look at it in combination to the other Quality Street chocolates, it’s unique and the perfect break from all those chocolates.