Q - North America - Unique

Quax "The Yummy Ducky"


Taste: .5

Texture: 1

Novelty: 3.5

All scores out of 5

April 8 2009

One of the great searches I have as the Candy Critic is the search for the treat that looks really cool and tastes great too. I don't necessarily mean that the treat has to look appetizing; I've seen many appetizing treats that taste good. What I'm looking for is a treat that shocks me with how cool and different it looks while still tasting great. It would be the ultimate novelty treat.

Our little friend Quax here most certainly has the "looks cool" part down. When I first saw this treat I was amazed that it was even edible. It looked just like a little plastic duck, but unfortunately for our little ducky friend is he doesn't taste much better than if he was made out of plastic. He was a little softer I guess, and probably wouldn't hold up to my bath as a plastic duck would, but the flavour was pretty weak.

I figure they where going for white chocolate but even reading the package you can see they really didn't achieve that much. It kind of tastes "Milk" like but the flavour is so subtle that the texture almost overwhelmed it.

I did enjoy biting his head off, that was strange and entertaining, but I was just so disappointed with the flavour and the waxy feel that it didn't surprise me in the way I had hopped.