I think Allison said it best when she said "when I opened this treat up I said to myself, oh coconut". Keep in mind she said this with a tone of disappointment. Both Allison and myself share the same opinion of coconut, and that opinion is not very high. I've been thinking about it lately and I've realized my problem with coconut. I don't think it should be abandoned as a sweet treat ingredient; I just think it should be used a lot more sparingly. I believe people should use it more as a spice than a key ingredient, like vanilla or almond extract.

This Raffaello, unfortunately falls victim to the over use of coconut, and it pretty much ruins the whole treat. Worst of all it also uses white chocolate, one of the milder flavours of chocolate as its base. I think if they had mixed a small amount of coconut into the chocolate, instead of coating the entire treat in coconut, there may have been a better flavour ratio going on. As it is, the only people that will enjoy this snack are people who really like coconut and as I said before, I’m not one of those people.

It's a shame too, because the texture of this Raffaello is really nice. There's a nice thin wafer covered in chocolate that is filled with a white chocolate cream. The coconut is actually OK as a texture as well, it's just the over powering flavour that ruins everything.