Rainbow Nerds


I think this version of Nerds lacks one of the most important features of the regular Nerds, and that’s the organization. Nerds as a candy is fairly unique, however the charm for me is that you get two flavours that come separately. You can take as much or as little of each flavour to make new flavour combinations. To make this even better, the Nerds package has a really unique design that makes this separation easy to carry and fun to open. I know that I don’t usually focus on package design on this site, however I feel like a big part of the regular Nerds experience is the package. I say all of this to point out the obvious, other than a slightly smaller opening, this is really just a boring normal box of Nerds with all the colours mixed up. 

While they’re is no getting around the fact that the package is kind of dull for Nerds, the candy itself (I’m not sure what to call this shape... lumps maybe) is still great. Each Nerd colour has a very distinctive flavour, and mixed together it does create a very unique fruity flavour. I don’t think I could call any of these flavours authentic to their fruit counterparts, but they are tasty fake fruit flavours that I can kind of identify as the fruit it’s supposed to represent. The green was the only mystery to me, and unfortunately there are no real clues on the box. 

Texture wise I think Nerds have something really unique. The shape, size and crunch really make for a pleasant and unique texture. I really think all three of these factors play a big roll. I even think the fact that they’re all different sizes plays a role in the pleasant texture. I’ve been a Nerds fan for many years, and while I’m not a huge fan of this package, I still enjoyed eating these.