Rainbow Rope


Look at that rope, that is a very pretty thing to see. It's also pretty long, about a foot and a half long in total. Just the visual of this candy is enough to pique my interest. I happened to have purchased this candy in a bulk store, and the site of a large basin filled with these colourful ropes was really a sight to behold. The colours are just so bright, and each one is totally different than its counterpart. I'd really like to visit the factory where these are made. I'd like to watch a huge rope of these being extruded, and I'd like to pat the folks who make these fun candies on the back for making a really pretty candy.

Flavour wise these Rainbow Ropes aren't bad either. They have a simple undefined fruity flavour. If I had to place it, I'd say it's somewhere between fruit punch and cherry. Texture wise they're hard enough to give you a good chew, but soft enough that you can eat a few ropes and your jaw won't fall off. Eating this candy is not a revolutionary experience, but it's pleasant enough that I managed to get through the entire rope I bought it one sitting.

The real highlight of this candy is certainly the look. I could think of a few ways creative bakers could use these ropes in certain cakes and baked treats. It's also very "Instagramable". It tastes pretty good as well. I would only caution that you should probably try and find these fresh. I can't imagine that they have a great shelf life. I would think that stale they would lose some of their flavour and certainly be a bit more of a workout for the teeth.