Raley's "Tutti Frutti"

Raley's Confectionary

Before I even take a first taste of these sweet nuggets, I have to point out the awesome detail in the centre. Inside each candy is the image of a banana, strawberry, and what appear to be blueberries. The technique of making pictures inside a piece of rock candy has always baffled me, and when it's done well it always impresses me. When candy and art meet, I’m always happy.

As for the candy itself, much like the image in the middle, the flavour is subtle yet refined. The banana is the flavour that seems to dominate; however, it doesn't overpower. The fact that I enjoyed this banana flavour is really surprising, considering I generally don't like banana flavoured candies at all. I think the other fruit flavours create some kind of subtle balance that smooths out the banana flavour making it really tasty. My only complaint might be in the name "Tutti Frutti", since it doesn't really taste like most Tutti Frutties I know. Most Tutti Frutties are an explosion of fruit flavours, this one is much more subtle, but in a good way.

The texture of this candy is also very nice. It's one of the softest rock candies I've ever tasted. It melts in your mouth in less than 5 minutes, long enough to enjoy the flavour, but not so long that you become sick of it.

If you're looking for an explosion of fruit flavour, you're not going to get it with this candy, however if you're looking for a delicate fruit flavour this is a great treat to have.