Ramba Chocoblobs Extruded Snack


I don't normally like to focus on the writing found on candy packages, but this particular treat needs some help. It could be that these treats are made in a country where English isn't the first language, or it could be a bad marketing decision, but there are a few words on here that don't make these Ramba sound very tasty. The worst offender is the word "extruded”; I know this is a common method to make many tasty snacks today, but it's not a good descriptor. "Chocoblob" while not as bad, still doesn't make me very hungry, and it's made worse with the use of the word extruded. There just needs to be a bit of finesse to make the treat sound a little more fun, and less like the by-product of a chemical factory.

As for the snack itself, it's pretty disappointing. Flavourless cereal pillows filled with chocolate are all they are. The chocolate centre is OK, but the outside cereal shells are just not that tasty at all. The only thing these shells give this treat is an OK crunch. It's a shame because you could do so much with these crunchy shells to improve the flavour. You could flavour them; add nuts, or many other fun flavourful ideas. Instead this bland shell just takes away from the average chocolate centre.

Worse still is the fact that I've seen similar snacks all over the world, so it's not even a first attempt that needs improvement. These are just a cheap rip off with really poorly written text on the package.