Baby Star Mini "Fried Noodles"

Oyatsu Company

When I saw this package, I instantly knew that I was in for some fried noodle fun times. I'm a huge fan of crunchy noodles, either as a snack or for dinner, and these little crunchy delights tasted great. The size of each noodle was perfect, and the texture was hard enough to give it a good crunch, but not so hard that I would cut the inside of my mouth. While these are really tasty as a snack, I think the texture would also lend itself well to being used as a crouton for soups or salads as well.

The texture was really nice, and so was the flavour. They had a slightly sweet teriyaki flavour and with just hint of something I could only compare to green onion. The balance of these two flavours was perfect, the teriyaki sauce wasn't too sweet and the onions weren't too strong. It could have easily gone too far in either direction and that would have ruined the flavour of these crunchy noodles, but the flavours balanced perfectly.

When popped the first pinch of noodles into my mouth I was instantly brought back to a festival that I attended in Tokyo. A vendor was selling noodles from a booth, they were fried noodles with a little bit of meat and vegetables. These reminded me of that awesome summer day, and took my taste buds right back to that nice noodle man, and the fun festival all around me.