R - Asia - Salty



Taste: 3.5

Texture: 5

Novelty: 1

All scores out of 5

June 11 2011

My adventure into Japanese candy has led me to a little red container with a strange little man on it, noodles hanging out of his mouth and 100 yen in his chopsticks. Do you think this is what my parents had this in mind when they thought of having another kid? Hmmm that's a little deep for a Japanese penny candy I guess. It's just so very strange, and probably racially inapropriate.

I really have no idea what to expect from this treat, is it candy, is it a salty snack, is it a really small bowl of ramen noodles? I think if it's ramen noodles that would be the most disapointing. It's disapointing becase then I would feel like I got seriously ripped off. The amount of ramen noodles in here is no way worth the value of just buying a big bowl. I'll also be upset because I don't have any hot water right now.

I think it might be ramen noodles. Although they are deep fried and they have some kind of spice. But really... that's it? I think I just paid a premium to get a smaller amont of very inexspesive noodles. Sure they're fried up pretty nicely, toasty and spiced just right, but really what's the deal?