April 2024






Natsukashi Ramune


This candy went from being mysterious, to boring/lame, to really unique. The package is the mysterious part of this candy. It might not be as mysterious if you can read Japanese, but all I could get out of the package art was that it was some kind of ramune soda themed treat. I opened up the plastic and I had a few glimmers of hope as I saw that the real package is actually a little plastic ramune soda bottle. However, my hope was dashed for a moment when I realized that inside that bottle contained a bunch of boring looking white pellets.

This disappointment disappeared immediately after I put the first one of these “boring” pellets in my mouth. As you would expect, the pellets tasted a little bit like ramnue soda. If you’re not familiar with ramune soda, the basics are that it’s a popular drink from Japan that often has a fruity flavour. The thing that makes it unique is that it often comes in a glass bottle with a marble stopper. To open the bottle you have to use the lid a push the small glass marble down into a small reservoir. So these candies tasted a little like the blue fruity soda with the cool bottle.

The candy is made up of a compressed powder, a not so uncommon candy that you find all over the place. The difference however is how these particular pellets dissolve in your mouth. The best way to describe it is super fast. These go from hard candy to completely dissolved in seconds. It feels like there might also be a little bit of a fizzing agent in them as well, like baking powder. I’ve never had a hard candy of any kind dissolve so fast, and it was very satisfying as well.

The texture of this candy redeemed what could have been a complete disaster. I’m hoping that I find more candies like this in the future, but maybe with a bit more of a cool design. Maybe if I could read Japanese I wouldn’t have been so disappointed at first, but maybe I also wouldn’t have been so surprised by the awesome texture.