April 2023

Bikku Doroppusu


I'm not sure exactly where I got this candy. This isn't the first time this has happened, but it is the first time that I haven't remembered where I got such a mysterious candy. All I know about this candy is that I got it in Japan, somewhere, but I'm not sure if it came after a meal, or if someone gave it to me (this happens more than you might expect). Most people would probably do the sensible thing when you find a candy like this, and throw it away, but not me. I'm even more interested in eating it because I'm not sure at all what I'm getting myself into.

The first impression I had of this candy was strange, beyond being mysterious. The candy is shaped like either a raspberry or a bunch of grapes, but all I can smell is chocolate. I thought at first that maybe I was going mental or that there was some kind of smell coming from somewhere else, so I gave it a good up close sniff, and all I smelt was chocolate. Upon eating it I confirmed that it was in fact chocolate. I don't understand the berry/grape shape and colour, with a chocolate candy. It messed with my head a bit, and it took a few minutes before I felt comfortable with what I was eating.

Objectively the candy is fine, it's not super smooth like a Werther’s Original or anything, but it has a pleasant enough chocolate flavour. It didn't last very long, but I'm not that disappointed about that either. It's a fairly average chocolate candy, but it has a lot of mystery around it. I guess my advice is that if you happen to find yourself in Japan, and one of these candies magically appears in your pocket, it’s find to eat but nothing worth writing home about.
Suck Time: About 5 minutes