Raspberry Choc Log

RJ's Licorice

I really wasn't expecting this level of honesty in any candy product. When I saw that it said it was licorice filled with chocolate, I thought that maybe it was licorice filled with some kind of creamy chocolate filling. I was wrong about that, and I should learn to assume less. This licorice log is chock full of pure milk chocolate pure and simple. It creates a really strange textural feel in your mouth, because the chocolate has a bit of a snap while the licorice is really chewy.

The colour is also a little frightening. The bright red really contrasts with the brown from the chocolate. When I opened the package, I was almost shocked by how bright the red colour from the licorice was, and that could have had something to do with why the contrast hit me so hard. I'm sure all of you licorice purist out there are going to complain that any red, and in particular case raspberry flavoured, licorice isn't the real thing. I kind of agree from a purest standpoint, but I frankly couldn't think of what else to call the red stuff if not licorice.

Flavour wise there are a few problems. I can't for some reason ever get a taste in my mouth that mixes both the raspberry and the chocolate together. When I first bite down all I get is raspberry, then my mouth is filled with chocolate and that's pretty much the last thing I taste. It's all ok, but I think maybe a dark chocolate would have worked better and might have contrasted with the raspberry licorice flavour a little more, just like the colour contrast.