Kit Kat "Azuki"


This is yet another Japanese bar to ad to my collection of flavoured Kit Kats. Flavoured Kit Kats fit into one of three categories, extremely weird, extremely tasty, and just slightly different than the regular Kit Kat (i.e. tasty but not really “interesting”). For the most part I'm happy when I taste an extremely weird or extremely tasty Kit Kat bar, but always disappointed if it's “just a slightly different than the regular Kit Kat”. That's why I'm kind of disappointed with this Kit Kat bar.

If you're unfamiliar with Azuiki (or red bean paste), it's a very common flavour used in Japanese candies and baked goods. It's got a very similar consistency to baked beans, but they have a really sweet flavour. In most Japanese snacks I have mixed opinions as to weather I like Azuki or not. In moderation and with the right ingredients, Azuki treats can be fantastic. However, some treats over do the Azuki, and some flavours just don't go well with it. This bar on the other hand didn't really have either of these problems.

The problem with this Kit Kat is that it didn't appear to have any Azuki at all. I was expecting one of the layers between the wafers to be filled with Azuki paste, but all of the layers were exactly the same as a regular Kit Kat. The chocolate was also pretty much the same as you might find in a regular Kit Kat bar. All I could taste was a rather odd after taste of something kind of rotten. If I thought about it a little, I may have been able to taste something that kind of tastes like Azuki, but I'd be using my imagination more than my taste buds.

I think creative Kit Kats are a great adventure for any candy fanatic out there. Sometimes it's a hit, sometimes it's a miss, and sometimes it's just not worth trying at all.