Red Bean Puffs


This is what being a Candy Critic is all about. This is a treat that I have no idea what I'm getting myself into. All I assume is it has something to do with red beans. If you're not sure what red beans are, they’re beans, but they’re also really sweet. They’re often used in desserts in Japan and other parts of Asia. I recommend you try red bean ice cream first, that's how I got into this amazing Asian flavour. Interestingly I see cream on this package as well, so maybe that's a clue as to what I might be getting into. Either way, this should be fun.

The best way to describe these would be to say that they're like little cheese puffs, only with no cheese at all. They're cute to look at, but the flavour... well, there really isn't any flavour at all. I guess it's a little sweet, but I'm not really getting anything particularly interesting out of the flavour. Red bean does have a mild flavour, but it’s not like it’s flavourless. Maybe I'll try sucking one to see if I can pull some kind of flavour out of one of these puffs.

I can't tell. Maybe there's a flavour, but I'm having a hard time finding it. They're not bad; it's just that there's no particular flavour jumping out at me. These are not nearly as exciting as the package depicts and not nearly as red bean flavoured as I had hoped.