March 2024





Reeds Cinnamon

Iconic Candy

I feel like simple hard candies don’t get enough credit. I like to look at hard candies the same way I look at vanilla ice cream or plain milk chocolate. Both vanilla ice cream and milk chocolate are abundant in the snacking world, most of the time people would consider milk chocolate or vanilla ice cream to be plain. In most cases this is true, but that’s because it takes true skill to make a really good vanilla ice cream or milk chocolate. It also takes high quality ingredients, since you can’t hide behind flashy gimmicks like nuts or candy. Hard candy is exactly the same.

There are millions of hard candies out in the world, but there are very few that work really well. Sometimes hard candy makers might add extra gimmicks to improve their average candy which could include fillings or even shapes and colours. This is fun, but it seems like cheating a little bit. It seems like getting away from mastering a simple, yet tasty hard candy.

I say all of this because these cinnamon Leeds candies are very simple. It’s just a cinnamon hard candy with nothing else going on at all. The thing is they taste really great. It’s a wonderful cinnamon candy with just a very hint of heat. The cinnamon flavour is both bold yet balanced. You think it’s going to go too far at any moment, but it doesn’t. It’s a clean sweet flavour that is unmistakably cinnamon.

I have to be honest, occasionally when I review hard candies I have a hard time getting through the whole package. This is not the case with these at all, in fact if I saw these on the store shelves I’d happily buy some more.