Reese's Bells


There is one thing that Reese has mastered over the years, the perfect ratio of chocolate to peanut butter. I've tasted dozens of different Reese products, and almost all of them have this one thing in common. These bells are a shinning example of just that, the peanut butter fills the bell just perfectly, and the chocolate holds it together very well. When I bite into each and every bell, there's no air, just chocolate and peanut butter. I never get the sense that one flavour is trying to compete with the other, both the chocolate and peanut butter blend together flawlessly.

This is really a remarkable thing to do; I would say that bad ratios of ingredients are the most common mistake made by candy companies. To get this perfect once is rare; to be able to make different shaped versions of your product and still have the perfect ratio is downright amazing. This isn't the first time Reese's has got this right, in fact almost all of the Reese products (with a few exceptions) have managed this perfectly, no matter what the shape. It's something they've toyed with for years, and it's great to see that they still have it.

Quality wise I can't really complain too much. The only thing I might like one day is to see if Reese could make a peanut butter with a less sugar. They should have to re-jig the peanut butter to chocolate ratio to make up for this, but I think if any company could do this, it's Reese.