Reese Outrageous Extravagant Crunchers "Stuffed With Pieces"


These are nothing like what I expected. The package shows something that looks more like large chocolate clusters with Reese’s Pieces and other fun ingredients, kind of like a Turtle without the caramel. In reality the main difference is these clusters are actually pretty small, and in many cases they seem like pieces of clusters rather than actual clusters. A good way to describe how small the pieces are is to say that these would probably make a pretty good ice cream topping. It made them kind of messy to eat, but that’s not all.

If I’m being honest I have to say that I’m fairly disappointed with these. Even more so than just the size of the clusters. The other thing I was expecting was peanut butter. I think that’s a safe assumption considering it’s a Reese product. What each cluster contains is tiny Reese’s Pieces, some kind of crunchy cookie bits, and what appears to be peanut butter flavoured chips, all covered in chocolate. The problem is the peanut butter chips are pretty bland, and the Pieces are so small that they’re more candy than peanut butter filling. On top of that the cookies and chocolate take away the peanut butter flavour so all you’re left with is chocolate.

The last thing that makes these disappointing is the lack of creativity. I’ve eaten a few snacks in my day, in particular OMGs, and these are pretty much the same thing with a few extra ingredients. The problem is that because of the extra ingredients, the balance is all off. I think these could work, but there needs to be more peanut butter and less clutter.