Reese's Pieces


Reese's Pieces are never what I expect. No matter how many times I buy these, when I see the box, I feel like I'm getting something different. The first thing my mind wants when I bite into a Reese's Piece is chocolate, but it's not there. It could be that I'm just accustomed to eating chocolate inside small candy shells (from years of eating Smarties and M&Ms). It could also be that there's something missing from Reese's Pieces, maybe a texture. The peanut butter filling and the candy shell seem to be missing a certain smooth texture. As it stands the shell feels more like plastic than it does candy. This brings me to the second detail of Reese's Pieces that just doesn’t sit right, the peanut butter.

If you look on the box, you'll notices that under the word “peanut butter” is the word “candy”. The implication I'm getting from this use of the word “candy”, is that the center filling is more candy than peanut butter. Reese's peanut butter is notorious for adding sugar, and I feel like the Piece's peanut butter has more than usual. That makes the peanut butter in the center more similar to the outer shell, and less like normal peanut butter. This seems to take away from the contrast in textures that one might expect from a candy shell filled with just peanut butter. While I'm sure the extra sugar keeps the peanut butter from going bad, as well as keeping it solid, when you bite through the shell into the filling, I feel like it takes away from the peanut butter experience.

I'm not sure if I want them to change the Reese's Piece's recipe, but I also don't think that these are the best that they could be. It's very rare that I buy Reese's Pieces, mostly because they're not as common as many of the other fine treats by Reese's, but also because I'm never really satisfied when I finish a box.