Reese's Swoops


Let's play another round of a new game that I’ve just invented for today’s review. The game will be called “What I Thought and What I Got, with our special guest "Reese's Swoops".

What I thought: I was getting chocolate-covered Pringles potato chips. If you've never tried a chocolate-covered potato chip before, it's really something well worth trying. I thought that it would not only be a chocolate covered potato chip, but it would be a potato chip blended with both chocolate and peanut butter. I thought to myself, wow, a big candy company trying something a little edgy, this should be fun.

What I got: "Swoops" are little chocolate-slice type things, with no potato to be found at all. They look like they could be chocolate covered potato chips, but they're not. Now that's not to say I didn't like them, in fact they're not bad at all. There nothing really that unique as far as taste and texture goes, other than the packaging and shape that are a little different.

In the case of these peanut butter Swoops, it would have been better if there was actual real peanut butter in them. It could be that those swirls on top are real peanut butter but I'm not sure. It'll be interesting to see how long these things last on store shelves. They may make it on the lunch snack circuit, but compared to some of the bars out there they just don't cut it.