R - Europe - Gum

Rev 7 "Natural Spearmint"


Taste: 3

Texture: 2.5

Novelty: 5

All scores out of 5

September 3 2011

This gum is fine, it's minty, the flavour lasts long enough, and the texture is great. It's totally fine as far as a piece of chewing gum could be. Normally this might be a bad thing, or at the very least, it would mean that the novelty score of this treat would be pretty low. The thing is, this gum managed to be a perfectly normal tasting and textured gum with one big difference.

This gum is specially designed not to stick on clothing, hair, and the sidewalk. It's also designed to be bio-degradeble and won't leave those ugly black spots all over the sidewalk. So really this gum is chock full of novelty, but it manages it without sacreficing any of the stuff mint chewing gum is suposed to deliver.

When I first heard of this gum, my worry was that it would fall short in one of the regular gum categories. I assumed that texture would be the most likely place for it to fail. I figured that if it was bio-degradable then the texture might not last that long or might not even be good from the beginning. I was thankfully wrong about this. It was a little squeeky while chewing it, but I've had that with regular sugar free gums in the past. The flavour was nice as well, cool, minty, and simple.