5th Avenue

Bliss "Creme de Menthe"

Bliss "Milk Chocolate with a Meltaway Center" Bar

Cacao Reserve "Extra Dark 65% Cacao"

Chai Tea Truffle

Cherry Cream Bell

Creamy Caramel

Double Take



Hershey "Almond & Toffee Chips"

Hershey "Creamy Milk Chocolate"

Hershey "Raisins & Almonds"

Hershey "Strawberries 'N' Crème"

Hershey Make Your Own Chocolate Bar

Hershey 'N' More "Caramel Cookie Bar"

Hershey Pieces

Hershey's "Birthday Cake"

Hershey's Cookie + Caramel

Hershey's "Candy Cane"

Hershey's "Candy Corn"

Hershey's "Mixed Nuts"

Hershey's "Strawberries 'n' Creme"

Hershey's "With Skor"

Hershey's Brownie

Hershey's Cookies 'N' Cream

Hershey's Cookies 'N' Cream Drops

Hershey's Gold "Peanuts & Pretzels"

Hershey's Sticks "Caramel Filled Milk Chocolate"

Ice Breakers Frost "Wintercool"



Kisses "Almond"

Kisses "Coconut Creme"

Kisses "Deluxe"

Kisses "Sugar Cookie"

Kit Kat "Duos Mint + Dark Chocolate"

Kit Kat "Gingerbread Cookie"

Kit Kat "Triple Chocolate"

Max 5

Mr. Goodbar

Nibs "Cherry"

Oh Henry!

Oh Henry! "4:25"

Oh Henry! "Big Crunch Cookie Bar"

Oh Henry! "Level Up"

Oh Henry! "Oh Canada!"

Oh Henry! "Pro"

Oh Henry! "Very Vanilla!"

Pay Day

Pay Day "Honey Roasted"

Pot of Gold "Pecan Caramel Clusters"

Reese Outrageous Extravagant Crunchers "Stuffed With Pieces"

Reese's Cookies


Special Crisp

Take 5

Taste Tations

Twizzlers "Strawberry"

Twizzlers "Sweet and Sour Filled Twists" Citrus Punch and Cherry Kick

Twizzlers Filled Twists "Caramel Apple"


Whole Bean