Act II Popcorn Ball

Andy Capp’s Cheddar Fries

Baby Star Cup Snack Noodle "Yakisoba Flavour"

Baby Star Mini "Fried Noodles"

Baby Star Ramen "Umashi"

Baby Star Ramen mini "Pork"


Barbecue Korean and Seaweed Biscuit

Bigga "Vanilla Milk Flavour"

Candy Pop Popcorn "M&M’s Mini"

Candy Pop Popcorn "Snickers"

Candy Pop Popcorn "Sour Patch Kids"

Cassava Chips

Catty Chins "Cheese"

Cheetos "Flamin’ Hot Crunchy"

Cheetos Crunchy


Chips Oman "Chilli Flavour"

Chipventures "Salty Licorice"

Chocolate Potato Snacks

Cocktail Mix

Combos "Cheddar Cheese Cracker"

Cookie Pop Popcorn "Nutter Butter"

Cookie Pop Popcorn "Oreo"

Cow Ear Snackers

Cracker Jacks

Doritos "Cool Ranch"

Doritos "Dill-icious"

Doritos "Ketchup"

Doritos "Nacho Cheese"

Doritos Dinamita "Mojo Citron"

Doritos Late Night "Buffalo Hot Wings"

Flamitoz "Cheezt Blast"

Flaxseed Chikki

Fort/Sal Drop

Fries "Zesty Onion Flavor"

Fritos "Hoops Honey BBQ"


Garlic Savoury

Ghost Pepper Black Crisps

Glazed Nuts "Almonds with Cranberries, Honey + Sea Salt"

Gubbaara "Indori Lahsun Sev"

Inafcn "Salt & Sour"

IWAB "Sweet" (Sweet Hearts?)

Jagariko "Scallop"


KC’s Cracked Corn

Krackles "Tingly Cheese & Onion"

KurKure "Masala Munch"

Lay's "Bar-B-Q"

Lay's "Chalet Sauce"

Lay's "Cheddar & Sour Cream"

Lay's "Cheesy Twist"

Lay's "Cinnamon Bun"

Lay's "Classic"

Lay's "Cucumber"

Lay's "Dill Pickle + White Cheddar"

Lay's "Epitika (Olive Oil)"

Lay's "Feta Flavour"

Lay's "French Cheese"

Lay's "Heinz Tomato Ketchup"

Lay's "Honey Barbecue"

Lay's "Honey Butter"

Lay's "Indian Curry Style"

Lay's "India's Magic Masala"

Lay's "Ketchup Tango"

Lay's "Ketchup"

Lay's "Lasagna"

Lay's "Mango Chutney"

Lay's "Miengkam Krobros Flavor"

Lay's "Nori Seaweed Flavor"

Lay's "Oregano"

Lay's "P.E.I. Loaded Baked Potato"

Lay's "Sabor Jamon Presunto"

Lay's "Salt & Vinegar"

Lay's "Salt & Vinegar"

Lay's "Salted Egg Flavour"

Lay's "Sour Twist"

Lay's "Truffle"

Lay's "Turkish Yogurt & Herb"

Lay's "White Cheddar"

Lay's "Yogurt & Herb"

Lay's 2 in 1 "Grilled Shrimp and Green Sauce"

Lay's Chaat Street "Dahi Baray"

Lay's Chaat Street "Mint Chutney"

Lay's Cooling Sensation "Icy Lemon Flavor"

Lay's Cooling Sensation "Melon Bingsu Flavor"

Lay's Inspired by "Canada Bacon Poutine"

Lay's Inspired by "Italy Carbonara Parmesan"

Lay's Inspired by "Thailand Thai Sweet Chili"

Lay's Inspired by "The United Kingdom Cheese & Onion"

Lay's Layers "Sour Cream & Onion"

Lay's Max Xtra Crunch "Double Cheeseburger"

Lay's Taste of England "Cheddar Cheese Flavor"

Lay's Thai Taste "Basil Chicken Flavour"

Lay's Thai Taste "Extreme Hot Chili Flavor"

Lay's Thai Taste "Green Curry Flavour"

Lay's Wavy "Balsamic Vinegar & Onion"

Loads of Ketchup Flavaor

M&M's "Snack Mix Salty & Sweet"


Misa "Mustard and Ketchup Chips"

Miss Vickie's "Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar"

Miss Vickie's Original Recipe "Reduced Fat"

Mister Potato Crisps "Sweet Potato"

Monkey Gland Sauce Flavoured Potato Chips

Nestlé Crunch Chips "Chocolate Original"

Nik Naks Maize Snack "Original Cheese Flavour"

Noshkes "Pizza"

Old Dutch "Dill Pickle"

Onion Rings

Party Snack

Penne Straws "Cinnamon Churro"

Penne Straws "Mac ‘N Cheese"

Pitsinia (Ritsinia)

Pizza Noodle Snack

Pizza Peanuts

Pop Chips "Original Potato Chips"

Pretz "Tomato"

Pretzel Pieces "Buttermilk Ranch"

Prince Edward Island Potato Bag Chips

Pringles "Cheese & Onion"

Pringles "Original"

Pringles Select "Cinnamon Sweet Potato"


Reese's Big Cup "with Potato Chips"

Root Chips

Ruffles "All Dressed"

Ruffles "KFC Original Recipe Chicken"

Ruffles "Regular"

Salad Chips

Salted Egg Fish Skin

Salted Plum Flavoured Crunch Sticks

Samboy "Atomic Tomato"


Slim Jim "Original"

Smartfood Popcorn "White Cheddar"

Smith's "Lamington"

Snack Jack "Green Pea Snack"

Sohar Chips "Chicken & Chilli Flavour"

Soy Sauce And Butter Premium Potato Chips

Space Raiders

Spud Nuts

Spudz Stix "Ranch"

Storm Chips

Sun Chips "Harvest Cheddar"

Sweety "Strawberry"

Takis "Blue Heat"

Taro Seafood Snack

Tayto "Cheese & Onion"

Thick-Cut Potato Chips "Sour Cream and Onion"

Tostitos Mini Size Rounds "Hint of Lime"

Tropical Heat Potato Crisps "Tomato Flavour"

Turtle Chips "Cheddar Cheese"


Ube Pretzels

Umai Tonkatsu Sauce

Uncle Chipps "Spicy Treat"

Utz Potato Chips

Viva Potato Crisps "Salt & Vinegar"

Walkers "Cheese & Onion Falvour"

Walkers "Marmite"

Walkers "Puckering Pickled Onion"

Walkers "Stephen Fry Up, Pick My Flavour"

Walkers "Worcester Sauce"