Ritter Sport "Haselnuss"

Ritter Sport

One of the most contentious arguments in the candy/chocolate loving world is which nut goes best with chocolate. I can't say that I've sampled every single nut in the world mixed with chocolate, but I can say I've tried many. While there are other factors involved when mixing nuts with chocolate, such a ratio, quality, and freshness of both the chocolate and the nut. I will say that most of the time hazelnuts come out on top as the best pairing with chocolate.

Since the hazelnut is in my opinion the best pairing choice for a chocolate bar, the question is whether or not this particular bar holds up with the other factors, ratio, quality, and freshness? Ratio wise I think that this bar works very well, the pieces of hazelnut are broken into small bits, but not so small that they're undetectable. They're also well distributed throughout the bar so you get a nice little extra crunch with each bite. Quality wise, the chocolate of Ritter Sport is always top notch, and the nuts seems very good as well. Freshness of the nuts, which can kill a chocolate bar if done badly, also scores well with this bar. The nuts seemed very toasty and had no sign of being rancid at all.

I guess I could argue that this bar is not very creative, but I don't think the makers wanted it to be either. It seems like their goal was to mix the perfect nut with some nice chocolate. They achieved that goal, and even managed to put a smile on my face.