Ritter Sport "Joghurt"

Ritter Sport

When I first saw this bar I had certain expectations. First of all, I expected the chocolate to be white, secondly, I expected the yoghurt to really be white chocolate, and thirdly I thought I was in for a disappointing treat. I know I shouldn't make judgements about treats before I review them, but the package and the word "Joghurt" (yoghurt in German), set my mind in a particular direction. Maybe this is what they wanted, maybe the folks at Ritter Sport thought I would judge this bar this way before tasting it.

The thing is, I was totally wrong. This bar was a nice light brown in colour. As far as I could tell this bar contained no white chocolate whatsoever. Finally, I actually kind of liked this bar. Teaches me to assume now doesn't it?

The milk chocolate was wonderfully smooth and exactly what I would expect from Ritter Sport chocolate. The yoghurt was the big surprise. As I mentioned I was expecting some kind of white chocolate variation of a regular Ritter Sport bar, but what I got instead was a slightly tart yoghurt tasting cream filling in each cube of milk chocolate. I can't say for sure if it was real yoghurt, but the tart flavour certainly tasted like it.

On occasion I like to have a little yoghurt with a small amount of Nutella, it's a wonderful treat to have. This bar is the closest I've ever tasted to reproducing that treat in bar form. It's not the best chocolate bar I've ever eaten, but it's a fine and creative way to make a yoghurt bar.