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Butter Biscuit

Ritter Sport

Taste: 4

Texture: 3

Novelty: 4

All scores out of 5

July 03 2011

So often when I sample chocolate "cookie" bars, the cookie is just crumbled bits of cookie mixed into the chocolate. The folks at Ritter Sport apparently agree that if you're going to make a chocolate "cookie" bar then you might as well put a whole cookie in it. After all, I'm a big boy; I can handle eating a whole cookie. Some might argue that the texture is not the same if you put a whole cookie instead of bits of cookie, and I would agree. The thing is it still works really well.

Although I would agree that the texture is not evenly dispersed, since the edges of the bar have far more chocolate than the centre bits, it still works. The cookie was nice and crunchy and the chocolate... the chocolate is spectacular. The quality was nice and smooth, creamy, and just chocolaty enough.

I think covering a cookie in so much chocolate that it becomes a chocolate bar is acceptable. I think although the ratio of cookie to chocolate isn't equal in each bite the fact that the quality of the chocolate is so high it really makes this treat work.