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Roger's Chocolates "Vanilla"

Roger's Chocolates

Taste: 4

Texture: 4.5

Novelty: 3.5

All scores out of 5

When you first see this chocolate in a store, you assume it's some kind of small candy company that hand delivers their chocolates to local stores in the area. Honestly I rarely buy these chocolates, not because they're not tasty, but I find them overwhelming. Every little tourist shop in the world has some kind of chocolate like this, and as is the case with these, there are often about a million varieties to choose from. Old timey candy counters generally just intimidate me. I would have walked right past these if it wasn't for a friend of mine who told me stories of eating these as a kid. Most curious about this story is that she didn't grow up anywhere near where we were. So that basically told me that these aren’t made by a small time candy company at all.

The thing these had going for them was the fact that my friend really love them and started filling up her basket. She suggested I pick one up and give it a try. My friends know what a loaded suggestion that can be, I will judge people by the candy they choose. Fortunately for this friend, she's still OK in my book. While I assume with the large distribution area (and the fact that it has its own barcode) that these aren't really made in too small a production batch, they certainly taste like they could be. Sure the disk of chocolate is pretty round, and likely made by either a machine or a very skilled hand, and not in someone's kitchen, it's still got that great small batch flavour.

It seems like a great deal of thought has gone into the choice of chocolate and vanilla used in this chocolate. If I was to get a little nitpicky, I would say the vanilla could have been a little stronger. The disk melted in my mouth and it was a very pleasant experience. With these small batch chocolates I sometimes tell you where you can find them, but frankly I think if you're in Ontario, and maybe even Canada, just look for a little tourist shop and chances are you'll find them there.