April 2024

Roger's Chocolates "Maple Cream"

Roger's Chocolates

Maple is always an interesting flavour for sweet treats. The problem is most of the time it does not work. If you treat maple syrup/sugar like regular sugar in any dessert or candy recipe you run the risk of the flavour of the syrup either dominating or being lost. If you’re using fake maple flavouring, then as a Canadian I’m offended. But if you’re using real maple syrup in your treats, and you don’t want the maple to dominate, you really have to carefully balance your flavours.

I say all of this because the people at Rogers’ Chocolates have perfectly balanced the flavours with this chocolate. Each bite is the perfect blend of maple and chocolate, with neither one dominant. It’s like you’re eating a really creamy maple/chocolate. The texture also works so very well with this flavour combination since it’s smooth and creamy. The chocolates are both rich and light at the same time. It melts in your mouth slowly and coats your mouth with that wonderful chocolate and maple flavour.

I should also note that another reason this chocolate works so well is the quality of the ingredients. The darkish chocolate is tasty and smooth, it holds in the cream well, but also melts in your mouth perfectly. The maple flavour in the cream contains real maple syrup (important considering these are made in Canada), but it also has a nice creamy texture and flavour.

I could complain that this chocolate is too small, but I won’t. I feel as though the people at Rogers’ Chocolates did us a favour. If this was a giant chocolate I would have eaten the entire thing in one sitting and been very sick. As it stands the size satisfies very well, but leaves you wanting a little more.