Rolo is a classic chocolate candy, I don't think anyone could argue this. The strange thing about Rolo is that although it's a classic candy, it's never been easy to find. Sure, there are some places that sell it regularly, it's not (for me at least) a candy that you can find everywhere. This might be truer now then when I was a kid, but it actually took me a bit of looking around to find this particular package of Rolos. I actually had an easier time finding Rolo Minis over the classic. I'm not sure what that says about this treat, but it made me think a bit.

The thing about the Rolo is it's both a simple and complicated candy idea. The ingredients of this treat are simple. It's a chewy caramel covered in chocolate. The texture of the caramel works really well with the chocolate, the flavour of both are fine, but nothing particularly special. The thing that makes this treat unique is the design. I'm not sure who came up with the idea for this treat, but I really like the shape of each Rolo, and I love the way they're packaged together. I will say that I am a little disturbed that whenever I open a pack of Rolos, they're never lined up. It seems like each candy is randomly rolled up with the next, and you never know what direction each Rolo will come out.

This is a classic candy that I hope to see forever. I'm hoping that the fact that I had to search around to get mine is not a sign of this treat failing. While I'm not a huge fan of a flavours of this candy, I would worry that changing them would result in another quality of this bar going down hill. I can easily say that the unique shape and nice texture of this candy makes it well worth keeping around and well worth tasting.