Roo Blue Balls

Rudei Dudes

I think the way that this candy could surprise me most, is if it was great. It’s not that I think it’s going to be horrible; I just can’t see someone who crafts a candy called “Roo Blue Balls” as being the kind of person that cares about the art and science of candy making. I get the feeling that the people designing this candy are thinking, wouldn’t it be funny if we took a really blue candy and gave it a “rude” name. I’m no prude either, I don’t find this candy to be horribly offensive. I don’t think it’s super clever either, but I understand where they’re coming from.

As for the candy itself, the package describes it as “blueberry flavoured, liquid filled sour chews”. That’s actually a lot to promise in one candy. More amazing is that the candy actually offers another layer to this, in that it has a thin candy coating as well. It is also chewy, as promised, however the liquid center in mine seems to have dried out a little, so it’s more of a slightly softer center than a true liquid center. This candy is also pretty sour. It’s not the sourest candy I’ve ever eaten, not even close, but it is a pretty tart treat. The part where they fail however is in the blueberry flavour. It is kind of fruity, but I can’t say that I get a strong blueberry flavour. It seems a little more generic than specifically blueberry.

As a warning, this candy is very blue. Every layer of this candy is blue, and a very deep blue at that. This means that as I expected, my tong is also very blue after eating it. I don’t mind it that much, and to be honest I consider a candy that changes the colour of your mouth to be a bonus feature, and not a bad thing. I just thought I’d warn you about this because it could be situation you don’t want to find yourself in. For example, if you find yourself at work and you have a meeting with the boss, or maybe your friends are making fun of you for eating a candy called Roo Blue Balls and after you eat it they mock you for a while because you have a blue tong from eating a Roo Blue Ball.