Root Chips

The Root Chip Company

Let's get to the 'root' of this snack for this review. Hahahahahahaha! Wow that was a good time, really funny, right? I need to get out more.

Well, back to the Root Chips. These various roots are one of the most interesting snacks I've ever had the pleasure to have tried. While these are in the spirit of the potato chip, there’s something different going on. These are almost the same as eating a bag of potato chips, but you never get sick of the flavour. Have you ever noticed that when you eat a bag of potato chips, particularly a large one, you find that by the end of the bar you regret having started it? The first bite of a bag of potato chips is generally great, but because that flavour is so similar bite after bite, sometimes you get bored of the potato chips before you finish the bag. That can be really disappointing as the end of your snack is often what you remember most.

Well with all of the different flavours in this bag of Root Chips that never really happens. Each bag has a great selection of different roots. Some roots are similar, but just a little different, while others are completely unique. The interesting part has to be the sweet flavour of some of the chips. It’s really interesting to have a sweet flavour among the salty flavour and I really don't mind that at all, it just might be a little odd for some.

These Root Chips are a treat for sure. Is this idea of a multi-variety root vegetable chip a new trend? I sure hope so.