February 2023

Rose Nougat


This piece of nougat is just about everything that it advertises to be. In case it isn’t clear, it’s a small piece of nougat covered in rose petals. The flavour, as you would imagine is rose, and the pedals are a great way to show the flavour without faking it or just writing what it’s called on a package. I imagine that they used rose water to flavour the nougat as well as it seems like the petals didn’t really have a great deal of flavour compared to the nougat.

I’m kind of conflicted about the flowery flavours. When it comes to perfume candies I mostly fall on the side of disliking them. Parma Violet and Thrills Gum are two examples of common perfumed candy that I really don’t like very much. I find that both of these candies and many other perfumed candies taste like soap. Strangely however, I’m a big fan of most rose flavoured candies. I only say “most” because maybe there is one out there that I won’t like, but so far it’s never happened. I even use rose water in some of my baking. I feel that the key to making a good flavoured perfumed candy is to use real flower essence. It could be that rose is also a particularly good flavour essence to use in sweets as well. Frankly I’m not very familiar with the flavours of many different flowers.

This is a very simple piece of nougat, but for some it might be something really unique as well. If you come across something like this in a market in the Middle East, I say give it a try. Even if you’re not really into most perfume flavoured candies, you might be okay with rose water. No matter what, I can tell you that it will be a unique experience.