Roxy "Meyveli"


This bar gave me what I expected, and surprised me at the same time. I wasn't that excited about this bar, and what I expected I didn't think I'd like very much. The surprise was also a bit of a disappointment as they took my expectation and lowered the quality a little. Basically, what I'm saying here is I expected a gross fruit filled nougat bar, and I got one, only it wasn't gross for the reasons I expected.

Gross might be a harsh word to use for this bar, I guess it's not gross, but it's just not great. When I saw that there was fruit in this nougat, I was expecting small chunks of dried fruit that didn't taste or resemble any kind of fruit you'd see in the real world. I was expecting brightly coloured cubes of fruit flavoured jelly like substance distributed through a super chewy nougat bar, with a thin layer of chocolate.

The surprises here are that the fruit chunks are actually a thin layer of jam at the top of the bar. It seemed like a cross between a marmalade and an apricot jam. The nougat was surprisingly soft, in fact it felt more like the nougat you get in a snickers bar or milky way than the nougat you normally find with the cubes of fruit mixed it. I guess this bar was actually OK in the texture department because of this, but the flavour was still pretty meh.

The chocolate by the way, was pretty much what I expected. It gave nothing to this bar, it was thin and tasteless.