Rhubarb Custards


Rhubarb is not a common candy flavour. I think on this site I've only reviewed one or two other rhubarb flavoured treats before this one. I'm not really sure why this is, it makes for a really nice candy flavour, often sweet with a hint of sour, a fruity flavour even thought it's not really fruit. Although I've learned recently that in some countries, rhubarb is in fact legally designated a fruit.

Being such a big fan of rhubarb as a candy flavour, I have some strong opinions on these rhubarb custards. My main concern comes with the addition of the custard flavour; I really don't think it's necessary. I say this because the sour of this treat is really subtle, almost non-existent. The natural sweet and sour combination of rhubarb is why I enjoy it as a candy flavour, but the addition of a sweet cream flavour pretty much eliminates the subtle flavour balance. Having said all of that, these candies really deserve a lot of credit for actually tasting like cream sweetened rhubarb.

I guess what I'm saying is, I like rhubarb candies, and I really like rhubarb candies that give you a nice sweet and sour combination. If I were to judge these next to other rhubarb candies, I would say that I don't really like them. The thing is, these aren't just rhubarb candies, they're rhubarb custard candies, and as far as that goes these are really good. The cream flavour is evident; the rhubarb flavour is good and very obviously rhubarb.

What I want is a really sweet and sour rhubarb candy, these aren't it, but these are a really tasty rhubarb custard candy, and I think I'm going to keep the rest of them for myself and not share.