December 2022







Ruffles "Regular"


I feel like the best way to talk about these Ruffles potato chips is to compare them to a potato chip that is not ruffled. When you think about it, the only difference between these and a plain potato chip (likely a Lay’s potato chips) is the shape of the cut. The question however is how does this style of cut affect the potato chip, and does it affect more than just the texture?

The most obvious difference is certainly the basic shape of these chips, or the crinkle texture that each chips has. This most certainly has an effect on the texture of the potato chip, even if it’s as simple as giving your tongue a slightly different feeling when you’re eating this chip. I would however also argue that the ruffle shape of Ruffles chips also effects the flavour. My theory is that the way flavouring sticks to potato chips is by hanging onto the small crevasses and cracks in a potato chip. There might be a little bit of glues due to the oil, but I suggest that the more holes and crevasses that a chip has the more flavour that can be held in.

This is where I believe, and the folks at Fritos-Lay seem to agree in their advertising, that Ruffles chips hold more flavour. I would even argue that this is the case when it comes to the “regular” flavour. I feel like these chips are most certainly saltier than an average potato chip. I like salty snacks, so this works very well for me.

One of the less obvious differences between these ruffled potato chips and regular potato chips is the thickness of the cut. I haven’t actually compared, but I feel like the process for making a ruffled potato chip also requires them to cut the chip a little thicker. When cooked properly, this makes for a crunchier potato chip. I like a thick chip, as long as it’s not too thick, so again this seems to work it its advantage.