January 2024



Salad Chips

Al Jufair Food

The best way to describe these chips is sort of written right on the bag. Unfortunately it’s not really in the name of these chips, but in the description, but not the whole description, only part of it. In small white print on the bag it says “Potato & starch based crunchy hot & sour flavour”. That’s a lot to say when describing this snack, but frankly only part of it really seems to describe these chips. I would say that if I was to describe these chips I would say something like “starchy potato based crunchy sour flavour”. You’ll notice that I only hinted at the potato and left out spicy entirely.

The starchy part of this snack seems to dominate everything. I would describe these as a cross between a Pringle and a cheese puff, they’re puffed up Pringles really. It implies on the package that these are just like regular chips, but they’re not at all. They seem much more manufactured than simple sliced potatoes. Those who love Pringles might enjoy these, myself, I have mixed feelings about Pringles, but really have to be in the mood to enjoy them. These threw me off a little as I was expecting regular potato chips, but after a few bites I started to be better with them.

Flavour wise I’m totally confused about these chips. First and foremost, I’m not sure what the word “Salad” means. I would say that these chips don’t really have any vegetable flavour at all, unless you include a slight starch/potato flavour. My only guess is that maybe the intent is that you can put these chips on a salad, maybe they have a slight salad dressing flavour? The salad dressing flavour comes from the sourness, which isn’t too extreme, but kind of surprising. The spice promised in the description is pretty much non-existent.

I’m not telling you to avoid these chips, as I did manage to eat the whole bag in one sitting, and the weird texture and non-salad flavour eventually grew on a me a bit. I would just warn you that you might not be getting what you expect, based on the package.