Organic Dark Chocolate "with Sea Salt & a Touch Of Organic Caramel"

Salazon Chocolate Co.

This bar has a very good chance of being good. Ten or twenty years ago I may have thought that mixing salt, chocolate and caramel together would end up a disaster, but today it's a pretty common flavour combination. Don't get me wrong; you can screw up a chocolate, caramel and salt combination. Bad chocolate, too much salt, or tasteless caramel can most certainly destroy a great flavour combination like this. I'm just saying that when you combine these ingredients the odds are in your favour, in concept at least.

So, we know the concept is a winner, what else tells us that this bar is probably very good. The words "organic" is a good sign for me. Don't get me wrong; I'm not convinced that organic chocolate tastes better than non-organic chocolate. I just find that companies who use organic chocolate tend to worry about little details. They often worry about the quality of the ingredients, and make sure that the recipe is spot on. It's rare for a candy company to worry so much about their chocolate, and then not worry about the rest of the bar.

After all of this build up, does this bar pay off? It does. The chocolate is a nice dark chocolate, yet still very smooth and melts just right. The caramel is not over done, but still tasty. The salt... There is a lot of salt in this bar, it's not just an accent, it's a flavour. I'm a big fan of salt, so I applaud the fact that the folks at Salazon didn't hold back. Some might find this chocolate a little too salty, but I was OK with it. It probably would have been fine with a little less salt too, but the extra salt gave this bar a uniqueness that I've never had before.

This is a fine bar, it'll make you a little thirsty afterwards, but it's good quality chocolate, fine caramel, and dam salty.