October 2023






Salmiakki "Ice Cream"


I have to be truthful, I bought this ice cream treat with the intention of hating it. While I’ve certainly increased my tolerance for licorice over the last few years, I wouldn’t call myself a licorice connoisseur, or even a fan. I would describe myself as someone who can now tolerate certain kinds of licorice. Most of the licorice that I manage are subtle licorice that are smoother rather than salty. There is however one other way that I’ve learned to maybe even like licorice, and that’s when it’s mixed into chocolate. That’s where this particular treat falls into play.

I would describe this ice cream treat as a high quality, chocolate covered ice cream bar that’s flavoured liberally with salted licorice. The important part of this description is “high quality”. It’s made by Fazer, a chocolate/candy company that makes some of the best mass produced chocolate in the world. Every element of this treat follows suit, the chocolate melts perfectly at every bite and the ice cream is rich and delicious. Best of all, the folks at Fazer have balanced the licorice ice cream and chocolate perfectly. While you always have a salted licorice flavour, it never overpowers. The chocolate and ice cream also do not overpower the licorice either. What you get is a smooth a creamy treat with a nice salted licorice flavour.

I feel like the only way this ice cream treat fails is in the small glob of licorice sauce(?) in the middle. It really didn’t add anything to this treat at all, so there’s no reason why it should be out there. It didn’t ruin anything, but it also didn’t really add anything either.

If you love really powerful salted licorice, or if you despise licorice entirely, this treat may not be for you. If you’re somewhere in the middle, more importantly someone who’s trying to gain a taste for licorice, then this ice cream will suit you well.