Samboy "Atomic Tomato"

Snack Brands Australia

These chips provide me with a bit of a conundrum. It’s a problem I’ve had before when reviewing other similar snacks, but this is a perfect example. These tomato flavoured chips taste great. They taste great if what you’re expecting is ketchup flavoured chips, but I’m assuming that Australians call ketchup tomato, or something like that. As a ketchup flavoured chip goes these are beyond satisfactory, they’re pretty good and I would not only recommend them, I’d eat them again.

The problem I have with these chips however is the promise that was given to me by the marketing people who made these chips. All over the bag there’s a promise that these chips are going to be very powerful, even the flavour says “atomic”. You’d expect the first bite to blow your socks off, and the flavour to intensify on each additional bite. The problem is it doesn’t. Intensity wise these are pretty average for ketchup/tomato chips. There was nothing about the flavour that I would call intense, or extreme. I’m not sure how I feel about that lack of intense flavour either.

I can’t lie and tell you I wasn’t disappointed. Sometimes when I eat ketchup chips I get one or two chips that have more flavour coating on it, and I consider those to be prizes. I was hoping that these particular chips might be a bag of intensely coated ketchup chips, but they weren’t. The problem is that maybe having all your chips tasting intensely of ketchup might be overwhelming or even get boring. Having said that, these did taste pretty good, and the flavour was very balanced from one chip to another.

There are two ways to fix the problem I have with these chips. You can either intensify the ketchup flavour, or rebrand the packaging.