Santa's Cotton Candy

Original Foods

I can't for the life of me tell you how wrong an idea this treat is. I could write a whole book about how wrong the idea of eating Santa Clause's beard might be. I can easily say that out of all of the candies that I've reviewed or even seen in my many years of writing about candy, this is by far one of the worst ideas in candy ever. It’s not even a subtly bad idea or an idea that you have to think about, as soon as I saw this on the shelf, I knew that it was a really bad theme for a candy. Having said that, the fact that it was a bad idea is the whole reason I bought it.

Even if one is to take away the idea that you're supposed to be munching on St Nick's facial hair, white cotton candy is still not a great idea. Maybe you can pretend it's like snow, but really, it's like eating cobwebs. I can’t explain why brightly coloured cotton candy doesn’t remind me of spider webs, but when it’s white it reminds of only that. So basically, what we have here is a treat that is supposed to feel and look like an old man’s beard but really feels and looks like cobwebs instead.

Now here's the strangest part of the whole situation, it tastes pretty good. It's a cherry flavoured cotton candy and the cherry isn't bad. It's not like it's the most original flavour I've ever had, but it's pretty tasty, and once you get over the whole look of this stuff it's pretty good. I feel a little dirty for liking this cotton candy, and I’m not sure what to do about it.