Scandal! "Vanilla Secrets"


I keep telling myself and the people that read these reviews that I try not to buy candy simply because I found the package to be entertaining. Then I keep making exceptions to the rule and confess that in fact I bought this one particular treat because the package made me curious. This is once again one of those situations. I think I might have to just admit that packaging is a big reason why I might choose a particular treat.

In this case the package and the name together really brought on my curiosity. I love the little newspaper logo on the front of the cone, and the name "Scandal" is so clever. The first thing I thought about when I saw this treat is that it must be so overloaded with sweet things that it's scandalous. The problem with this treat is that it isn't really that full of sweet extras that one might be led to believe by the word “scandal”. I guess you could say is far as being a sinful treat, it’s not really that scandalous. It could be my North American sensibilities, the fact that treats in North America are so loaded with stuff (i.e. Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream), that I didn't find this European cone to be that full at all. I came across a few chunks of nut and caramel but not much at all.

This is not to say it was disappointing at all, in fact it was pretty spectacular. I give most of the credit for the fine flavour to the quality of the ice cream. This is a trend I'm finding to be fairly common in Greece at least. The dairy products here are creamier and smoother than most North American treats that I'm used to. This cone is a fine example of this smooth, creamy ice cream.