Scaries (Halloween Smarties)


It's been a long time since I wrote the original review for Smarties (the Canadian/British ones not the American ones). At that time my reviews were really short, and littered with grammatical errors. I mention this because this special Halloween edition of Smarties is exactly the same as the original except, they're fun Halloween colours. I wasn't really sure how to review these, should I copy and paste the short review I wrote about them many years ago and just mention the colour difference, or do I take this opportunity to update my review and give it more detail? I think I'll do both.

Past review:

What can be said about this neat little treat - a classic that tastes great and is fun to eat. Although each colour tastes exactly the same, the chocolate is great and the colours make them fun. You should also know that if you suck on them, they're even more fun. Another little tip is to try to warm them up a little, it makes them a little messy but a little better.

If you think that Smarties and M&Ms are the same thing, you couldn't be more incorrect. Smarties have a thinner shell that may not keep them from melting in your hand, but they make for a much more subtle candy coating. Smarties are also made with a much smoother milk chocolate; it melts in your mouth a little more easily. Finally, Smarties are slightly flatter than M&Ms, while I don't think this makes them better, it does make them different.

So, there's my addition, it's not much but I think it might convince a few Americans to try some chocolate Smarties out. As for the lack of difference between these and the regular Smarties, I can't say I'm disappointed. After all it says right on the package "Same original flavour". Sure, it might have been neat if they could have come up with some other creative twist, but I still enjoyed eating them.